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Offers due on Halloween for L.A.'s famous 'Nightmare on Elm Street' house

In Spaulding Square, the famous house from the 1980s horror hit 'A Nightmare on Elm Street' is listing for sale at $3.25 million.

Podcast: Unclogging America's biggest ports

The Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach are the busiest in the U.S. Their massive backlog is affecting the economy.

Hot, hot, hot ... warm: SoCal home values hit new record, but price rises are slowing

The Southern California housing market is hot, but cooling. Home prices rose nearly 13% in September a the smallest jump since January.

Can TSA vaccinate enough screeners before the Thanksgiving travel rush?

Only 60% of TSA employees are vaccinated against COVID-19. It could mean trouble for Thanksgiving travelers.

'You're so L.A.': What lies behind tourists' perception of Angelenos

When tourists see Angelenos acting "so L.A.," it may say more about the expectations they bring with them.

Column: Strikes and strike threats a what's behind the new worker militancy and why it's a good thing

In a welcome development, strikes are breaking out all over the country.

Column: Hertz refused to let facts get in the way of an unwarranted late fee

An L.A. man can prove he was on a plane awaiting takeoff when Hertz says he returned his rental car. Nevertheless, Hertz imposed a late fee.

In Florida, baseball star AsdrAobal Cabrera sets record with $7.41-million sale

After building a modern mansion in Southwest Ranches, Fla., baseball star AsdrAobal Cabrera has sold it for $7.41 million.

Hollywood's latest attraction: a museum dedicated to horror and science fiction

Called Icons of Darkness, the museum represents a lifetime of collecting by child actor turned director Rich Correll. It's part of Hollywood's revival from the pandemic.

Column: Global warming policies in Biden's budget bill are in trouble. Here's what they are and why they're crucial

Not enough has been written about what's actually inside President Biden's budget reconciliation bill, and how it would help the U.S. reach its goals for reducing global warming.

Lakers co-owner Jesse Buss lists Brentwood mansion near LeBron James' place

Lakers co-owner and assistant general manager Jesse Buss is asking $10.95 million for his modern mansion in the hills of Brentwood.

Historic Warner Bros. Ranch movie studio lot heads for a makeover, new soundstages

Warner Bros. Ranch lot will be redeveloped to meet growing demand for soundstages as legacy studios and streaming newcomers compete for space to make movies and TV shows.

How Liz Flynt, widow of Hustler's founder, is embracing the title 'pornographer'

After Larry Flynt's death, Liz Flynt is taking over the gambling and adult entertainment empire at a precarious time in the industry. She vows to expand it still.

Financiers return to Beverly Hills for Milken conference a this time with masks and proof of vaccination

The annual Milken Institute Global Conference gathering of finance heavyweights and other luminaries is back at the Beverly Hilton after a virtual year off.

The seedy world of private lending in 'Squid Game' is a real temptation in South Korea

The popularity of "Squid Game" is inseparable from South Korea's very real crisis of mounting household debt, gaping inequality and a weak social safety net.

Workers haven't returned to offices en masse. But companies are leasing more space

Though Delta variant thwarted expectations of workers flocking back to offices this fall, office leasing in L.A. County rises as businesses look ahead.

Would you quit your job for $110,000? This California swordfish catcher said no

As the government seeks an end to drift gill net fishing, a once booming swordfish industry draws its last breaths.

How one toy store found a way to avoid a supply chain nightmare before Christmas

The owner of Kip's Toyland thinks he's outsmarted the global supply chain gridlock that is threatening the holiday shopping season.

Column: Moderna's founders are now billionaires, but where are the doses for the rest of the world?

Moderna's founders are making a mint from COVID vaccines. But the company is failing its commitment to provide shots to the less wealthy nations.

Column: Supply-chain surcharge? Sherwin-Williams is latest company to add a sneaky fee

Sherwin-Williams has quietly added a 4% 'supply chain charge' to its paint. It's the latest business to hide a price hike with extra fees.

David Spade buys a modern mansion near the Comedy Store for $13.85 million

Actor and comedian David Spade just paid $13.85 million for a Hollywood Hills mansion, one of the community's priciest deals so far this year.

Column: People talk about the cost of that big federal bill but don't know what's in it. So we'll tell you

Do you know what the reconciliation bill would pay for. Here are key provisions.

Podcast: Boardrooms so white and male? That's changing

California laws requiring companies to put women and nonwhite or LGBTQ people on their boards of directors are having nationwide influence.

Photos: Gridlock at L.A. ports as dozens of ships idle off the coast

A global supply chain breakdown has resulted in gridlock at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach and beyond.

When will supply chains be back to normal? And how did things get so bad?

COVID-19 led to logjams at ports and borders that continue to ripple through many parts of our economy and everyday life. When will it get better?

Auction of 'The One' a L.A.'s biggest new mansion a delayed amid allegations of a power grab

A foreclosure auction of a lavish L.A. mansion is delayed as a billionaire lender is accused of trying to leave other debt holders out in the cold.

Chris Bosh's longtime Miami Beach mansion gets a new look and new price: $42 million

Months after buying Chris Bosh's Miami mansion for $14.43 million, development company AquaBlue Group is looking to flip it for $42 million.

In Hollywood Hills, Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel aim for $35 million

In typically crowded Hollywood Hills, Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are asking $35 million for their sprawling villa on more than 10 acres.

Port truckers win $30 million in wage theft settlements

XPO Logistics, one of the world's largest trucking companies, settled with drivers who had alleged it paid them less than minimum wage.

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What, Exactly, Is a Godparent?

As godparenting has grown more secular, the question arises: Is a godparent the same as a guardian?

Should Workers' Comp Cover Medical Marijuana?

Most states now allow medical uses for marijuana, but they disagree widely on whether workers' compensation should cover it.

New Tax for Digital Payments? No. But Big Changes May Be Coming

Social media rumors of a new tax on income received via cash apps are unfounded. But new reporting requirements are coming for people who are paid that way.

Is Synthetic Vape Nicotine Legal?

Regulators are cracking down on the vape industry. Will a legal loophole -- synthetically produced nicotine -- allow vape makers to do an end run?

Is it Legal To Sell Plants and Produce From Home?

The pandemic led to gardening explosion. Want to share your bumper crop of plants and produce with others? Learn more first at FindLaw's Law and Daily Life blog.

What Are the Requirements for a Vaccine Religious Exemption?

As more and more employers are mandating COVID-19 vaccinations as a condition of employment, some employees are seeking religious exemptions to avoid getting the jabs. How sincere must they be and how do they prove it?

Do Parents Have 'Rights' to Ignore School Mask Mandates?

Around the country, many parents contend that their "parental rights" should determine school masking policies. Are they right?

Is it Legal To Ask for COVID-19 Test Results?

With vaccine mandates coming quickly, those who don't comply will likely face frequent COVID-19 testing. Who must you share results with?

Understanding Biden's New Vaccine Mandate Announcement

President Biden announced a sweeping series of COVID-19 vaccine mandates expected to cover about two-thirds of all workers. Courtside has more.

Can Employers Legally Ask About Your Current or Previous Salary?

When job hunting, you want to maximize your new salary. Do you have to answer if a potential employer asks what you're currently making?

Irelandas Coming of Age and Mine

On a Sunday in the summer of 1970, we were all herded up to the little church in CAoil Aodha for Mass. We were city kids sent to this small and remote village in County Cork to learn Irish from the native speakers. Their little chapel was gray, pebble-dashed, with no steeple, more like a […]

Sisias New Cairo: Pharaonic Ambition in Ferro-Concrete

I have the sense, on many days, that my city is at war with itself. Not in the visibly armed meaning of battle, but an insidious crusade of ideology and will. Such is President Abdel Fattah el-Sisias plan to make over Egyptas capital, a neo-pharaonic campaign so ludicrous it would be dismissible if it didnat […]

In His Fatheras Footsteps

On October 1, 2021, we published Raja Shehadehas essay aThe Nakba, Fatheras Papers, and Jaffa Revisited.a Expanded from an address the Palestinian lawyer and writer recently gave at the Edinburgh International Book Festival, it touched on many of the themes and preoccupations that have animated Shehadehas booksaamong them, Strangers in the House (2001), Palestinian Walks […]

Not So Great Britain

In a single stroke, the new security pact between Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States offended France, disrespected the European Union, raised nonproliferation concerns, and painted a target on Australiaas back for China. For Britain, though, it offered to reinforce its tenuous aspecial relationshipa with the US, helping it to piggyback on Americaas […]

Unknown Sources of Lift

In the last few years The New York Review has published Ben Lerner in almost all his modes: poetry, a prose that hovers between poetry and fiction, and criticism. He is best known as a novelistaThe Topeka School, his latest, was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize last year, and his first two novels came […]

Coltraneas New aLove Supremea

At a press conference in Tokyo in July 1966, a Japanese jazz critic asked John Coltrane what he would like to be in ten years. aI would like to be a saint,a he replied. Coltrane, who died the following July of liver cancer, at forty, reportedly laughed when he said this; but among his followers, […]

A Canon for the American Prisoner

In 2001, Reginald Dwayne Betts was about five years into a nine-year sentence in a Virginia prison for a carjacking head committed at age sixteen. That was the year that I shot and killed a man on a Brooklyn street, when I was twenty-four years old. I am now twenty years into a sentence of […]

Calling Grandma

When I was seven, Syd was my best friend. Hers was the first number I memorized when I learned to use a telephone. She would answer, a little curious and with a Brooklyn air of aWho the hell is this?a, which gingered up as soon as she heard me say aHi, Grandma.a Iad call every […]

Human Diagnostics

In the September 23, 2021, issue of the magazine, Gavin Francis considers three books about the ways weare in thrall to digital technologies, and how theyare affecting our mental health. In his review, Francis writes that during the pandemic, our devices have been aboth boon and curse, strengthening opportunities to connect even as they can […]

The Nakba, Fatheras Papers, and Jaffa Revisited

This summer, I walked the lovely stretch of seaside along the coast road south from Tel Aviv to Jaffa. The ancient port city came into view for me on the hill ahead. In Arabic, we call it the bride of the sea. I remembered how my mother enjoyed smoking a cigarette only when sitting in […]

Another Immigration Purgatory for Children

Victoria was seventeen when, in 2014, she made the journey alone to the US: escaping gangs in her native El Salvador, crossing the Rio Grande on foot, and being placed in immigration detention in Texas. She endured more than a month there and another in an immigration shelter where she learned a bit of English, […]

Emissary from a Watery Future

In the October 7, 2021, issue of The New York Review, Nathaniel Rich reviews They Called Us River Rats, Macon Fryas account of life in the batture, a colony of houses on stilts abutting the Mississippi River, on the far side of New Orleansas levees. A longtime resident of the Big Easy himself, Rich writes […]

The New Abortion Vigilantism

Recently the US Supreme Court temporarily let stand Texasas antiabortion law, SB 8, which rewards any person a minimum of $10,000 for suing abortion providers or those who aid or abet the performance of an abortion after roughly the sixth week of pregnancy, before many people know they are pregnant. The first bounty-seeker, a felon […]

NH husband, 41, confesses to killing his wife, 22, during a fight in a small bus they had converted

A 41-year-old NH man has confessed to killing his 22-year-old wife in VT following an argument in a small bus they had converted into a living and traveling space, according to police.

America's Got Talent daredevil shows face burns after escaping death falling 40ft in botched stunt

The 41-year-old Welsh escapologist updated fans by posting a silly selfie while laying out in a hospital bed on Tuesday morning.

Paris Hilton details horrific abuse at care centers as teen at Capitol Hill press conference

Reality star Paris Hilton detailed the horrific abuse she experienced while living at congregate care facilities as a teen during a press conference Wednesday on Capitol Hill.

Republican Glenn Youngkin says Dem Terry McAuliffe is 'losing it' after storming out of interview

Youngkin was reacting to McAuliffe's interview during a segment with Fox & Friends on Wednesday morning, after holding a rally in Fairfax County to promote school safety the night before.

Man accused of rape and beheading of Pakistani ambassador's daughter goes on trial

Zahir Jaffer, 30, appeared in court in Islamabad today accused of raping, torturing and then beheading Noor Mukadam, 27, at his home on July 20 after she rejected his proposal.

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